We own modern assets capable of servicing a wide variety of customers
SEGRO owns European industrial and warehouse properties. Our modern, well-located properties are capable of servicing an extraordinary variety of activities.
We operate in carefully chosen locations across Europe
Our portfolio is concentrated in areas expected to benefit from strong customer demand with a limited supply of competing product.
We monitor the major market drivers to inform our decisions
The performance of real estate is driven by the interplay of demand and supply on the part of occupiers and investors. We monitor and respond to changing drivers of occupier demand (economic environment, e-commerce) and investor demand (reflected in property yields) and supply (vacancy rates, development levels).
We have a simple business model and a focused strategy

We invest in high-quality real estate, actively manage our portfolio and, if appropriate, sell assets to crystallise attractive returns.

Our strategy is based on Disciplined  Capital Allocation and Operational Excellence, underpinned by an efficient capital structure.

Strong governance is essential to support delivery of our strategy
Good governance is essential to support the delivery of our strategic priorities. The Board is the custodian of the business and seeks to secure the long-term future of the Company.
Managing risk is central to our success
Our risk management approach is critical to ensure that we understand the risks we take in our decisions and that we consider possible outcomes both at a project or asset level and at a corporate level.
We work responsibly across our portfolio and in our business

Our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders are vital to SEGRO’s long-term success. We seek to ensure that our interaction with all of our stakeholders is  professional and fair. In return, we expect them to uphold our own rigorous standards.

We strive to ensure that our existing and new buildings comply with the highest possible environmental standards.

We measure our performance against our target KPIs

Our objective is to deliver attractive returns to our shareholders through the execution of our strategy.

There are a number of Key Performance Indicators on which we report, and against which management and employees are remunerated, to track our progress.