We focus on creating an inclusive organisation where all employees feel engaged and know their work makes an important contribution. An inclusive environment welcomes different knowledge, perspectives and experiences across the Group. This not only enhances individual creativity and innovation, but makes good business sense.

The Board has noted the debate around the recommendations of the UK government commissioned Davies Report on Women on Boards and agrees with the conclusion that greater efforts should be made to improve the gender balance of corporate boards but that quotas are not the preferred option by which to do so.

The pace at which we increase the number of women on the Board and in senior management positions will depend to some extent on the availability of suitable vacancies as well as candidates. The Board has a fundamental obligation to ensure that the best candidates are appointed to promote the success of the Company as well as to comply with regulation on equal opportunities.

At SEGRO we have had a good record of promoting and appointing women to senior roles with women holding 5 out of 19 of the positions on our Leadership Team. We offer flexible training and mentoring programmes to ensure that all our employees achieve their potential, taking account of their diverse development needs.

A number of the Directors are active in mentoring programmes aimed at supporting women to become members of corporate boards.

We continue to be an equal opportunities employer and will maintain our merit based approach to recruitment.

July 2015