Slough Trading Estate is Europe’s largest trading estate in single ownership. Home to many of the world’s most successful companies including Mars, Telefonica O2, UK Mail, Ferrari, and UCB, the estate has developed a reputation as a world class location for business. The estate is wholly owned and managed by SEGRO, Europe’s leading provider of Flexible Business Space. With over 90 years’ experience, SEGRO has a history of providing excellent and innovative property solutions.

With an unrivalled location at the heart of the Thames Valley, the estate benefits from access to a large employment base. A potential labour force of 2.6 million people reside within 1 hours drive of Slough Trading Estate, providing companies with access to the very best talent the region has to offer.

For any global business expanding its reach, Slough Trading Estate is the prime business location. Many international companies in sectors such as telecoms, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, IT, R&D, logistics, data centres and food processing are thriving because they’ve chosen the estate as either their European or UK headquarters.