At SEGRO our aim is to put our customers first. It’s vital to the continued success of our business that we ensure our customers are consistently satisfied with the product and service levels they get from us, and it’s our ambition to exceed their expectations.

We see our customers as partners and we value the relationship we have with them by regularly monitoring this through our own annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to monitor how we’re performing. 

Each year SEGRO performs multiple surveys of its customers using face to face or phone interviews (to suit the customer), SEGRO is keen to learn from its customers their experience throughout the whole of the journey and relationship with SEGRO. This starts from initial marketing materials or build to suit opportunities, the viewing, leasing arrangements, moving in, occupation and of course exit.

Supplementary to this, SEGRO surveys almost 25% of its customers from across all countries with assets under management on an annual basis to maintain good relations, to listen to its customers and to take action where needed. Feedback from the surveys is shared with all staff and action plans developed to ensure SEGRO meets and exceeds its customers’ needs at all times.