We are more than a landlord.

As a company with a track record spanning almost a century, we understand our role in the community and the opportunities we can create for people to work in their local areas. At the same time we understand the importance for businesses to have access to a sustainable and skilled workforce and the role thriving business plays in the wider economy.

Throughout 2015, attention has focused on delivering projects that create employment and training opportunities in the local areas in which we are investing. In the UK, we continue to build our relationships with community groups to understand where and how we can work together. We have learnt that different areas have a complex mix of requirements, with different members of the communities needing different kinds of support, but all want to achieve the goal of employment.

Our customers play a fundamental role in our employment and skills programmes. They often have a business need to have access to a local and sustainable
workforce and so are willing to offer the opportunities to train suitable candidates and offer interviews for roles. Over 2015, we have created employment works
schemes in key boroughs which have successfully placed local residents into training or employment.

In 2016, as part of our Employment and Skills programme, we will make it a compulsory requirement for construction contractors to offer apprenticeships
or work experience to local residents. We are also making progress on establishing a virtual Skills and Employment team with our local authorities to help
prepare the unemployed members of the community become ‘job-ready’.

Financially, in 2016 we will be increasing our donation to the London Community Fund to be used in charities and organisations focused on skills and employment.

In focus: Enfield Voluntary Action

SEGRO donated £6,000 to the charity, EVA, which provides services to local voluntary and community organisations in Enfield, including help on financial management training and bid writing techniques to help operations grow.

We believe the support we offer is significant in helping local people involved with charities and community organisations to develop new skills whilst also promoting flexible further education for parents that will help to equip them with the required skills for employment and to support the education of their own children.

Paula Jeffery
Chief Executive of Enfield Voluntary Action


Working with partners and local authorities, SEGRO offers three main ways to improve local employment opportunities, through funding startup businesses to helping potential candidates prepare for interview.

Financial and equipment donations

  • London Community Fund
    This £60,000 fund is designed to support grass roots community projects in London in the areas in which SEGRO operates. We have funded 13 projects in Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Enfield and Barking and Dagenham – the outputs of this funding with be realised in 2016.

Training and skills

  • Slough Aspire
    In 2013, SEGRO helped to establish Slough Aspire as the first port of call for training and learning needs in the area. It delivers a range of events and courses for students, businesses and the local community and brings students, local residents and businesses together for learning.

Job Opportunities

  • Riverside Way, Uxbridge
    Working with Whitbread, SEGRO has delivered a new 80 bed Premier Inn and Beefeater restaurant along with an industrial unit at Uxbridge, London.
    We worked with Uxbridge College and Job Centre Plus to deliver a hospitality training course. Those who graduate will have the opportunity to
    attend interviews for the 50 full time hospitality jobs that were created by the development.