A successful, safe and secure supply chain is critical to SEGRO’s continued success. We spend over £300 million a year with approximately 3,300 suppliers across the Group. SEGRO’s supply chain ranges from small local businesses to multi-million pound construction contracts.

As a responsible business, it is vital that our supply chain complies with all relevant laws, safeguards the environment, and protects the health and safety of staff and other users of our assets.

To become and remain part of SEGRO’s supply chain, suppliers undergo a thorough assessment to ensure that they can meet our stringent requirements for relevant health and safety systems, environmental protection and good business practices.

Our stringent anti-bribery and corruption policy and practices apply equally to our own staff and to our supply chain.

We are a signatory to the UK Prompt Payment Code and, when backed by a valid purchase order, we aim to approve and pay invoices within 30 days. During 2015, 83 per cent of invoices with valid purchase orders were paid within 30 days.

In early 2016, we expect to implement a new online service – the SEGRO Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system – for our supply chain across Europe which will be a major step forwards in improving transparency, compliance
and communication across our supply chain.

Health and safety in our supply chain

It is our key priority to ensure the highest standards of health and safety for our customers and suppliers.

In line with our occupational health and safety reporting, updates, incidents or issues are logged and reported to senior leaders and the Board on a monthly basis and lessons learned are taken back to the business. We investigate all serious incidents and near misses as soon as we are made aware of them.

In October 2015, we implemented the SEGRO Health and Safety Construction Standard. All contractors must be able to demonstrate that their health and safety procedures meet or exceed the levels set in the standard.