Purpose and Values help to unify employees and describe core beliefs about how a company does business. In September 2014, we embarked on our journey to define SEGRO’s Purpose and define our Values. Our objective was to focus our people on the reason SEGRO exists, beyond delivering shareholder value, and to define how we work together, strengthening our shared culture.

Over a six month period, the Leadership Team and senior management worked with innovation consultants to establish a Purpose statement and five Values that
reflected the core beliefs that underpin how we conduct our business and make decisions. The new Purpose – “We create the space that enables extraordinary things to happen” - was agreed. Once established, members of the Leadership Team hosted dynamic and engaging workshops involving every SEGRO employee to provide a forum to discuss what the Purpose and Values mean to them and what was needed to turn them from words into tangible actions. In response to these workshops, a number of ways in which SEGRO operates have changed, including establishing a permanent research function to ensure employees are kept up-to-date with trends in both our own market and customers’ markets; to making our monthly Business Unit meetings more interactive, showcasing how our customers are using the space we provide for them; and our Executive Directors hold regular, Company-wide webcasts to provide updates on the business as well as an opportunity for all  employees to ask questions about areas of interest or concern.

The end of year employee conference followed our Purpose statement and was themed on ‘Extraordinary Things’. The SEGRO ‘STAR’ (Special Thanks And
Recognition) Awards were launched which are based on the newly established SEGRO Values, which are:

  • Keep one eye on the horizon;
  • Stand side by side;
  • Saying it like it is;
  • If the door is closed go through the window; and
  • Make the boat go faster.