Managing our footprint
As an active property developer, constructing and operating our buildings in an efficient way forms a key strand to our SEGRO 2020 strategy. We have set targets to reduce energy, water and construction and excavation waste and to reduce costs which we can ultimately share with our customers in the form of a reduced service charge.

Tackling waste
We have a target to reuse or recycle 80 per cent of construction waste, and 60 per cent of excavation waste by 2020 and we are proud to have achieved this target ahead of schedule in 2014. In 2015, we have achieved our target for excavation waste, and reused or recycled 77 per cent of construction and demolition waste.

We have significant challenges to meet this target in Continental Europe (CE) where some countries take a less stringent approach to waste legislation compared
to the UK. In 2015, we delivered training for our CE development teams to support them in achieving the set targets and introducing more efficient ways of working.

Operational energy use

As part of our SEGRO 2020 strategy, we have committed to reducing our operational energy usage by 40 per cent against the baseline levels recorded in 2012 of 79.4 KWh/m2/year. Energy use which SEGRO is responsible for typically includes common parts, shared services, vacancy, and SEGRO occupied space. In 2015, our  energy intensity was 64.1 KWh/m2/ year, which represents a 19 per cent decrease against the baseline.

At our Hamburg refurbishment we installed new LED lighting to replace the existing outdated fluorescent system. The lighting is ‘Smart’ and can be managed by a software system under the complete control of the customer, knowing when and when not to be in use according to what is happening in the building. The  pre-existing lighting had a total power demand of 165 Kw, and our new system significantly reduced this to 59 Kw, therefore reducing the overall power requirements of the lighting  by 65 per cent.