Lower carbon, lower costs

We aim to be Europe’s leading industrial landlord, developer and manager as well as an excellent partner for our customers. We can work towards achieving these goals through understanding what our customers want from our buildings. We are able to help those customers reach their sustainability targets by providing low carbon buildings which can also reduce operational costs and create financial savings.

A focus on low carbon technology

To provide high specification, high performance buildings, our teams ensure they have the latest knowledge on low carbon technologies and practices that are proven and can help deliver carbon savings. Ensuring our buildings are cost effective to run and have as low an environmental impact as possible has led to us using many different types of low carbon technologies.

Solar PV panels generate electricity for the occupier to use. Any excess energy from these systems is fed back to the electricity network for use elsewhere on the grid. Typically, these systems can produce between five per cent and 60 per cent of the occupiers’ energy requirements depending on the building size and use. We also use solar thermal, and air and ground source heat pump systems to provide heating and hot water.

To ensure systems are used efficiently, presence sensors are installed on water systems including taps, urinals and toilets as well as lighting systems. We utilise the
latest LED technology which is more efficient than previous technologies to reduce power demand by approximately 40 per cent on average.

Addressing water,  energy and ecology

Rainwater harvesting tanks are installed to reduce the use of potable water, and energy monitoring systems which break down energy consumption data to a
granular level are provided where the occupier requires this detailed level of data. These systems measure consumption at circuit level and can provide a live
feed of information which occupiers can use to identify ways to reduce energy wastage in their operation of our buildings.

We also focus on the ecology of our sites and undertake ecological surveys to minimise the impact on native species around a development. To support local
wildlife, we utilise green walls which create or replace habitat which may have been lost or affected at a development site.

Building certifications

Our SEGRO 2020 strategy sets targets for our new developments to be rated as BREEAM ‘Very Good’ (or local equivalent) or better and aims for EPC ratings
of C for refurbishments and B for new developments. These are our minimum standards and we regularly achieve higher standards which demonstrates our
commitment to providing sustainable buildings for our customers.

In 2015, we developed:

  • one HQE Excellent building in France;
  • seven BREEAM ‘Very Good’ buildings in the UK and Italy;
  • three units to DGNB Silver standard in Germany;
  • achieved our first BREEAM certifications in Poland, with one building achieving ‘Pass’ and one building certified as ‘Good’.