As one of Europe’s leading landlords, we own or manage six million square metres of space.

Consequently, we have a significant opportunity – and responsibility – to create sustainable buildings while also meeting our customers’ needs and legislative demands. We believe that business should play an important role in preserving the environment. Through our SEGRO 2020 sustainability strategy we have committed to reducing  our environmental impact in key areas such as energy and water consumption, waste reuse and recycling, and renewable energy.

SEGRO 2020 was introduced in 2013 and realigned our technical sustainability goals for the Group in response to changing customer demands and increasing legislation  across the UK and Europe.

It specifically targets building design, new build and refurbishments, energy and water efficiency and obtaining recognised building certifications such as BREEAM and  LEED. We have achieved, or are close to achieving, a number of targets such as waste reuse and recycling before the 2020 deadline, and have invested in key areas again throughout 2015 to help drive continuous improvement.

Technical sustainability sits as a central function at SEGRO, and supports the local development, refurbishment, and operational teams in delivering the SEGRO 2020  objectives.

The team provides guidance and support on changing legislative requirements to ensure that we are compliant, and are meeting or exceeding our customers’  requirements. We constantly look to integrate new technologies that help us to deliver lower carbon buildings, achieve greater resource efficiency and to generate  energy from renewable sources. We invest in projects and programmes to reduce the environmental impacts of our buildings, and report our carbon emissions to  established standards such as EPRA, GRESB and CDP.

In 2016, we were once again awarded Gold by EPRA for our environmental reporting disclosure, and improved our GRESB score to become a ‘Green Star’ for the first time, alongside improving our CDP score for the fourth year running.