SEGRO Parks for Customers and Communities

SEGRO, a leading listed industrial property company, has been offering optimum locations coupled with matching expertise since 1920. SEGRO’s comprehensive business model: development, maintenance, optimisation. In particular, the strategic “maintenance” of the properties in its portfolio is, in terms of long-term partnerships and associated dialogues, important to both customers and communities alike.

As the only market player up to now, SEGRO has specialised in the development of compartmentalised commercial estates as well as in large-surface logistics solutions – suitable for the changing needs of customers, supportive of business locations, and of added value to communities.

Flexible Solutions in Key Locations in Germany

SEGRO is represented in various formats in Germany’s key conurbations:

  • SEGRO CityPark – estate close to the city centre, last mile, mixed use
  • SEGRO BusinessPark – commercial estate on the city outskirts, “green field”, mixed use
  • SEGRO LogisticsPark – edge-of-town location, solely logistics companies

Depending on the location and business structure, the company develops both suitable and flexible property solutions for logistics, production or administration.

SEGRO CityParks: Revitalising Established Business Locations

As an example of SEGRO CityParks in the Rhine-Ruhr region are the two business locations in Dusseldorf’s Fichtenstrasse and Bonner Strasse (Dusseldorf-Süd) as well as the CityPark Vitalisstrasse in Cologne, currently in development.

All three CityParks are successful revitalisations of former industrial wasteland. Workplaces remain in the cities and new ones are created. All three Parks are exemplary of last mile solutions and modern industrial and commercial estates with areas for small and medium-sized companies and also for distribution offices of corporations. The areas available range from 300 to several thousand square metres, so that companies from diverse industries can find suitable space.

SEGRO Innovation: Design, Service, Energy Efficiency

Design on the outside, efficiency on the inside – Whether cutting-edge building technology, a pioneering role in the design of industrial properties or special project rooms for monitoring building progress – SEGRO is continuously evolving, thus ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the demands of our customers. SEGRO innovations optimally support the business processes of our tenants, while gaining greater acceptance in the communities.

Innovative Design

With SEGRO’s design offensive, contemporary architecture is finding its way into commercial estates: Modern. Minimalistic. Sustainable. SEGRO properties get a new outfit in an ecological look and so set themselves apart from the familiar character of commercial estates. Harmonious architecture, the environment and the working world are all interconnected.

Property Management

Property management teams provide first-class care. SEGRO’s online service is available to customers 24/7/365. Virtual project rooms provide transparent processes from the planning and construction phases. They help increase resource efficiency and ensure quality standards. Thus SEGRO properties are cared for to the highest standards and are continuously optimised from the beginning.

Efficiency Management

Already in the planning phase, SEGRO works out, together with the customer and engineering specialists, customised energy concepts for each project concerned. Key property operating processes are first tested using building simulation, then defined. Active monitoring and annual optimisation meetings for improving efficiency are an integral part of SEGRO’s services.