Our Strategy

At SEGRO we believe that corporate responsibility is fundamental to the way in which we do business and that by investing in our buildings, our employees and the local communities in which we operate, we can create value for our shareholders.

In 2012 we took a fresh look at our approach to sustainability and reviewed the targets which we had set ourselves in 2009. We did this as a result of increasing legislation affecting our business and also in response to our customers, who have their own commitments to sustainability. Our new sustainability strategy, SEGRO 2020, is aligned to The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and our overall business goals to deliver long term value to SEGRO, our customers and our other stakeholders.

Our vision for sustainability is defined by our 2020 goals.  These are our long term commitments to the key areas of sustainability that affect our business, and they are driven by the pillars of the strategy - the annual targets, KPIs and bespoke targets for each country we operate in.



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