Objective: To make a positive contribution to communities where SEGRO has a presence.

SEGRO Community & Charity Contributions

In 2012, we invested approximately £1.9 million in time, money and space to good causes based around our business locations in 2012.

Raising money for charities that supported cancer-related illness was the focus of our Charity of the Year fundraising activities, across all areas of our operations. Employees aimed to raise £50,000 which was then fund matched by the Company, up to a maximum of £50,000. This money was split proportionally amongst the charities depending on how much had been raised by each country. In the UK, we supported Children with Cancer UK . Throughout the year, employees took part in various activities including triathlons, half marathons, cake-baking, golf and sailing days all with the aim of raising as much money as possible. We were delighted to present Children with Cancer with a cheque for  £100,000 of which approximately £57,200 had been raised by employees.

In Continental Europe, we supported five charities. These were:

  • Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum DK FZ (German Cancer Research Centre)
  • Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds Kankerbestrijding (Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands Foundation against Cancer)
  • Vlaams Liga tegen Kanker (The Flemish League against Cancer)
  • Na ratunek dzieciom z choroba nowotworowa (To the Rescue of Children with Cancer, based in Poland)
  • Enfants et Santé (Children and Health - Fighting Childhood Cancers, based in France)

In total, these charities received £23,000, of which £13,000 was raised by employees and £10,000 was matched by the Company.

Although our main focus was on our Charity of the Year, we made a number of cash donations to other causes in 2012. These included Breast Cancer Care, Fundacja GAJUSZ (a centre for children who are critically ill, based in Poland), Passerelles et Compétences (business skills mentoring, Paris), Wooden Spoon and LandAid, amongst others.

We continue to be actively engaged with the communities in which we operate. In 2012, we supported a total of 68 causes. This included on-going support for organisations such as Ressourcerie 2mains in Paris and Age Concern in Slough which we supported in 2011, as well as engaging with new projects such as Haybrook College/Kitchen Craft. Our support covers the provision of free commercial space, business advice and guidance as well as donating cash and equipment. In these difficult economic times our support is increasingly important to these causes and they are very grateful to us.

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